Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quilt Show

My mom won two tickets to the quilt show. This was my first time to attend a quilt show. I have enjoyed wandering through some of the quilt shops locally and looking at the quilts. This was a new experience for me.

I didn't take a quilted bag to put my purchases in. Lots of people there had a quilted tote that they were carrying. Even without my quilt tote I had a good morning.

This was one of my favorite quilts. I tend to like the pieced quilts more than the art quilts.

I liked the bold colors and look on this quilt. I like the look of applique. I did one heart for a quilt and that was the last hand applique item I have done.

This was an amazing use of color. I like the color but the swirls is not something I really like. It makes my eyes start to swirl.

This quilt has a bit of piecing and also some applique.

Then my camera batteries died. I tried to get some pictures with my iTouch.

There were a number of vendors there. I bought a little gadget that is supposed to help make neat, crisp mitered corners. I learned a bit last year with all the quilts that I made. I would like to improve my corners. There were some fabric vendors but I didn't buy any fabric. I know that is hard to believe.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3.14 Pi Day

There was a vote for pumpkin pie and a vote for apple pie. I decided that Spaghetti pie was the best way to have our pie and our dinner all in one pan. Spaghetti pie is a favorite of mine. I am not a big spaghetti fan but spaghetti pie I like. It works great with leftover noodles or sometimes you just cook some noodles to make it. I did forget the mushrooms this evening which made it sad for three of us. One was happy that they were forgotten. I just mix egg and some cheese with the noodles then add the sauce and bake.

J did say he wants apple pie next year but then paused wondering if we would have Pi day in the UK.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring is coming

We have had a mild winter. Maybe that is because we bought a new sled for the children and had a new snow shovel.

There are signs that spring is coming.

Friday, March 9, 2012

A trip to the zoo

Hey! What are you doing?

The weather was nice yesterday as in the high 60's so I decided that we needed to use our zoo membership. We did a bit of school and then headed to the zoo.

J wanted to go to the reptile house and so we did. Miss K wanted to see the zebras and the giraffes. I wanted to see the polar bears which is next to the zebras. We saw those things and quite a number of animals in our visit.

We enjoyed watching the flamingos as they stood sleeping, squawking at each other and just standing posing for pictures.

It was warm enough that the zebras were out.

The giraffes are always fun to watch as they gracefully walk about.

Here is a pose.

I did get a picture of the kids. I decided it would be fun to take a picture on each visit.

It is fun to be close to the zoo and be able to go when the weather is beautiful.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Learning and Fun together


Miss K is working on counting and so I was thrilled to find the Buki Dot to Dot 1 to 10 book that make it fun and easy for her to learn. Dot to dots is a bit more than just counting. She needs to look and find the next number before she moves on. She was excited to be able to do these.

When she masters this book, I have another Buki book that is 1 to 30. J has a book that is 1 to 100 and that is challenging for him. It might take some time until she is ready for that. We will work slowly.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Things about Miss K

When we were at training the other week, the child care workers asked Miss K some questions. It is interesting to hear what she says.

I want to learn how to Jump high

I am 7 years old.

I like name tags.

I am good at spelling.

I will someday take care of babies.

I know how to color.

I don't like vegetables. (she does)

I am not so good at pizza. (I don't understand that she is good at eating it)

My friends say I am lots of fun. (her family says she is funny).

My parents say I am nice.


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