Friday, June 24, 2011

Catching the big wave

Miss K loves the sand. It is like a big sandbox. She loves to dig. I watched her digging with a big shovel and thought is some good physical therapy--working those arm muscles and upper body. (I think that is the sign of a special needs mom always thinking how an activity can be therapy.) Most of her time was spent in the sand.

A few times she got brave and headed to the water. She said something about a "big wave."

She practiced surfing without the surfboard.

J spent quite a bit of time in the water. I think he did catch the big wave or two. The water was warm enough that I went in one afternoon.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

For something different and also since the kids are getting a bit older we decided to have a photo scavenger  hunt on the boardwalk. I made a list of things that I thought you might find on the board walk. We divided into two teams and had 30 minutes to get pictures of about 40 items. Here are some of the things that we searched for.

A bicycle.

We saw a man walking with a Johnson's popcorn bucket and so we asked for a picture.

A pizza

Pink flip flops - with bonus points because it was someone on our team.

A ferris wheeland the winning team plus some extras.

It is my blog so I can say which is the winning team. I think everyone made it into the picture so we are all winners. It was a fun event and we are already talking about what we will do next year.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Problem Solved

How to contain Miss K. We were at the beach at we solved the problem of containing and knowing where Miss K is was solved.

I left her with her aunts and went to the boardwalk for some lemonade. When I left she was sitting in sand to her waist, and by the time I came back she was buried. Her aunt said that she told the boys to stop but Miss K kept telling them to put more sand on.  She was sitting still and started to nod off.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Keeping him in his chair

We do have problems at meal times with children not staying in their chairs. We have tried various things but I think J might have found the solution on his own.

The shirt was stretched in this event but it already had a rip in it. Our local hole inspector has become a rip inspector and she notified us that it was ripped. Trust me if you have a hole keep it away from the hole inspector because she will make it a bigger hole.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Liberty Bell

On Monday while we were doing math and working with pattern blocks I knew that Miss K remembered what we had seen the day before.


We had stopped by The Liberty Bell while we were in the city.So this is what she made and said "Liberty Bell.

Things she does and listens to is getting in her brain. Even though we might not always know what is getting in I am encouraged to continue teaching her.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Independence Hall

We had some company visiting over the weekend. On Sunday afternoon we headed to the historical part of town. We had reserved tickets for Independence Hall. Traffic as heavy but we made it in time to get the tickets.

This is the Supreme Court Room. You might be able to see the iron bar cage, that is where the defendant "stood trial". Yes, he stood. Prior to the state seal hanging there it was a royal coat of arms.

This is the assembly hall where the Second Continential Congress met and the Declaration of Independence was signed.

t has been over a year since we have done the historic things in town. This year we have been studying American history so it was meaningful to visit Independence Hall. I love being able to make history come alive and real. We saw the chair that Benjamin Franklin referred wondering if it was a rising sun or a setting sun.

Sometimes I wonder what all is going into Miss K's mind and what she is processing. There is no question that quite a bit goes in and that she does understand what is happening. She was so cute "reading" this. I did ask her if she remembered the birthday party at Valley Forge  and she said it was George's.

Since we were downtown and had found parking we decided to do a bit more there. We took a carriage ride through some of the parts of the city.

One of the features of shutters in colonial times was to be able to close them so the man counting window panes for taxes could not see how many panes you had.

The color of your door would tell some things about you -- black meant you were a Quaker, red meant a Protestant and green was the Catholic's. Pennsylvania was founded to give freedom to all.

It was a fun afternoon. As we were leaving the city, Miss K said she wanted to eat Chinese food. We will often go to Chinatown for a meal when we are heading through the city. She knew where we were.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Math Games

We finished our math book and took a bit of time to just have fun with games. He is reviewing math but doesn't really know it.

I made a memory game having the problem on one card and the answer on another. This time we played with the 3 and 6 times tables. That does mean that for some problems the answer could be two places.


Bingo works great with the multiplication tables as well. We put the answers on our card and then use the flashcards to call the numbers. It works great with 3, 6, 9 tables on a card, 5, 10, and 7 on a card, and 2, 4, and 8 on another.

Another game we played was Chutes and Ladders backwards. We use the subtraction flashcards and started at 100 and tried to see who could get to 1 first.

We have fun and he reviews math facts.



Sunday, June 5, 2011


Brother and sister and still friends. It was too cute to see them sitting sit by sit in the yard talking. J is so good for Miss K. She wants to do everything he is doing. In fact J had to go to PT with me this past week and it was one of Miss K's best weeks. Miss K is good for J. He has to slow down and think about her.

God knew what he was doing in giving both of them to us. God took us through some difficult and hard times. Things were not what we dreamed but it was God's plan and it is good.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


I signed up with Kids Bowl Free and got the family deal so I can bowl with them. I picked the bowling alley near our house and then discovered that they have Dragon Lanes which works great for Miss K. Miss K is not the child to sit and watch life go by, no she is watching and wants to be do what everyone else is doing. I was afraid that if she didn't have help pushing the ball down the lane we would be rescuing her ball everytime. The dragon took care of that problem. It gave enough of a ramp that she could push the ball and She even got a spare.

She would push the ball and then stand there and watch.

When her turn was over, we would just push the dragon to the side.

She was very independent. Most of the time she would not push the ball until I was sitting. She would allow her brother to help.

By the second game J was beginning to learn a bit. He also learned that he really should have a size 6 ball. He had been using a heavier one and just couldn't really hold it.

I told the kids that we were having fun and we would keep track of our scores and see how we improve this summer.

K bowled 75 and then 58. J bowled 84 and then 80. I bowled 129 and then 126.

It was fun. The kids enjoyed it and even told me they enjoyed it. And you thought we bowled so we could wear the shoes. Nope it is called PE.


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