Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Independence Hall

We had some company visiting over the weekend. On Sunday afternoon we headed to the historical part of town. We had reserved tickets for Independence Hall. Traffic as heavy but we made it in time to get the tickets.

This is the Supreme Court Room. You might be able to see the iron bar cage, that is where the defendant "stood trial". Yes, he stood. Prior to the state seal hanging there it was a royal coat of arms.

This is the assembly hall where the Second Continential Congress met and the Declaration of Independence was signed.

t has been over a year since we have done the historic things in town. This year we have been studying American history so it was meaningful to visit Independence Hall. I love being able to make history come alive and real. We saw the chair that Benjamin Franklin referred wondering if it was a rising sun or a setting sun.

Sometimes I wonder what all is going into Miss K's mind and what she is processing. There is no question that quite a bit goes in and that she does understand what is happening. She was so cute "reading" this. I did ask her if she remembered the birthday party at Valley Forge  and she said it was George's.

Since we were downtown and had found parking we decided to do a bit more there. We took a carriage ride through some of the parts of the city.

One of the features of shutters in colonial times was to be able to close them so the man counting window panes for taxes could not see how many panes you had.

The color of your door would tell some things about you -- black meant you were a Quaker, red meant a Protestant and green was the Catholic's. Pennsylvania was founded to give freedom to all.

It was a fun afternoon. As we were leaving the city, Miss K said she wanted to eat Chinese food. We will often go to Chinatown for a meal when we are heading through the city. She knew where we were.

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