Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The adventure is beginning

We are beginning a new adventure. This was the song that we sang tonight. We really don't know where we are going and when we will get there but we know we are on the way.

Where am I goin'?
I don't know
Where am I headin'?
I ain't certain
All I know
Is I am on my way

When will I be there?
I don't know
When will I get there?
I ain't certain
All that I know
Is I am on my way

Gotta dream boy
Gotta song
Paint your wagon

Later we sang another song, How Good is the God we adore

How good is the God we adore,
Our faithful unchangeable Friend!
His love is as great as His power,
And knows neither measure nor end!

’Tis Jesus the First and the Last,
Whose Spirit shall Guide us safe home,
We’ll praise Him for all that is past,
And trust Him for all that’s to come.

While all the things in the first song is true the comfort is the knowledge that God knows and he is taking us on this journey.

Friday, February 10, 2012

You are a-mazing

I saw this cute and easy tutorial and thought I would try it. It took me longer to dig through my fabric and decide what fabric I wanted to use.

I think it will be a good fine motor activity for Miss K. I am not sure it is something that J will like but he will get one.

It is hard to see but there is a marble in there.

 I love when I find a project that is easy and uses things that I have around the house. I am going to give them to kids for Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lunch - Cowboy Sushi

Most days we just eat leftovers but once a week we need to pack lunch. I sometimes have challenges of figuring out what we could take for lunch. I have made pepperoni bread and we like that. I will sometimes do meat and cheese roll-ups. The other week I saw "cowboy sushi" on pinterest and was inspired to make it. My mom made it as a Christmas treat but we didn't have a name for it. We just called it, "that pickle thing wrapped in Lebanon bolonga" I finally have a name for what my mom made, "cowboy sushi".

I made it for the kids and they loved it. To quote Miss K, "love, love cowboy sushi. She was very excited last week to have it in her lunch. It really is easy to make.

Spread cream cheese on Lebanon bologna. It really helps if you remember to get the cream cheese out so it can soften.

Then add a pickle. We like sweet pickles for this.

Wrap it up and then cut into small pieces.

I can see why my mom served it at Christmas. It has a nice red and green look.

Lebanon bologna is a very local lunchmeat. It is made in this area. I did find it in a grocery store when I lived in Seattle. If you can't find that you can use ham or salami.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Games - Snail's Pace Race

We enjoy playing games at our house. Snail's Pace Race is a Ravensburger that is a favorite around here. It is a simple game and a great first game. It teaches taking turns. Each person takes a turn rolling the dice and then you move the snails according to the colors that were rolled. The snails are the winners.

J likes to play this game with one of the babysitters. Yesterday, he came home from the February Freeze Chess Tournament a bit discouraged after losing three games and only winning one -- the game that he got matched against his good friend. He decided he was dropping chess. I suggested maybe he could find other snail racers and a snail racers club. He is looking for the U. S. Snail Racer Federation. At this point he might just be the charter member.

It is a fun game and one that I think even though we have outgrown it one that we won't be able to get rid of.

"By self"

That is what Miss K says when she wants to do something herself. She has gotten to be more independent recently -- daddy said she has always been independent. She decided she wanted a sleepover and told her brother to bring his sleeping bag, pj's and suitcase. It would be on Friday night. She kept looking at the calendar and pointing to Friday and saying that is when the sleepover was happening.

Well, the other day she found a "before and after" puzzle cards and wanted to do those "by self". She had seen in it a basket when I was getting math manipulatives. Her memory is amazing. She remembered them later and so we got them out.

She did them "by self".

She was quite proud of what she did and I was as well.

It was a fun fine motor activity as well as thinking activity. I love when she finds something like that for herself and enjoys it.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Edible Cell

When we finished chapter 1 of Apologia Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology, the project was to make an edible cell. We searched around our house for candy for the various parts of the cell.

As we put the parts in, we talked about what it was and the shape and function. I will say this was a good way to review the parts of the cell.

It was edible but I don't think it was appetizing. We managed to get everything in the cell. Then it flopped when we tried to get it out. I had put Pam on the bowl but maybe not enough.

The good thing was it gave us a chance to go through our old candy and get rid of some.We do not eat candy as discovered when we were searching for candy and found candy from summer 2010, Easter, fall, etc.

National Chocolate Cake Day

It was the 27th of January. I am not sure what calendar that was on -- maybe the Hershey's chocolate calendar. J was bored and so I told him he could make a chocolate cake. Miss K was very excited because chocolate is the best thing in the world in her mind.

He mixed the cake using my favorite recipe. I baked the cake. Miss K iced the cake. We all including daddy ate some of the cake.


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