Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Is there a doctor in the house?"

Miss K found a white shirt in her closet and came to me wanting help to put it on. I didn't know why she wanted help. She was already dressed for the day. It was a nice white shirt to be worn with a school uniform. Then she told me, she was going to be a doctor.

She decided that white shirt was really her lab coat.

Some days she wants to go to the hospital and doctor and then usually the days that you have an appointment she doesn't want to go. Last night she started fake coughing and told me she had a cold. Then she told me she needed a treatment. Silly girl. I told her to go to bed.

It is interesting to hear what she is thinking and how her mind works.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The annual beach vacation photos

One annual event of our family vacation is the evening of photos down at the beach. Usually a few weeks before vacation I start thinking about what we will wear so that we at least look like we planned this and also so we look like we coordinate. We decided to do it Monday evening. I told J  that he needed to smile (that is a nice way of saying threatened him that he had better smile and be in a good mood because this is most likely our last year for a few years to get these pictures last year he was not happy and it showed on the pictures).

We went on Monday and got some pictures (J cooperated). After looking at the photos, the talented photographer who is my sister-in-law decided that we should try again another evening when it was not as windy. Miss K wore a different dress because the stripes can do crazy things in the pictures.

Here are some pictures.

I enjoy having a new updated photo of just the two of us. We did our engagement pictures there at the beach so it is fun to update there.

Getting Miss K to look at the camera is a challenge. Getting her to smile at the camera is also a challenge. If you get something close to those, you are happy.

That was the second try.

Some of my favorite pictures are when the kids are just playing.

J was running and running. He did get in the water as well.

With this picture we will be able to remember what year it was. No guessing here we know it was 2012.


Two years ago we signed Miss K up for Dainty Dancers, a beginning ballet class, at the YMCA. At that time she was more interested in the toys in the room and didn't really follow along and dance. This spring she has begun to show some interest in ballet. I bought the Ballet Garden DVD and she enjoyed that. She would often be seen dancing around the living room. I think one of the things that prompted the interest was the fact that some of the girls at CC did ballet for their presentations. We signed her up for another class at the YMCA. Saturday was her favorite day of the week. All week she looked forward to her Saturday class.

Then the other week they had a performance for the last class. Miss K was excited and looking forward to that all week.

First, all the little girls sat up in the front and did their stretching. It doesn't look like she was doing much stretching in that picture.

Then the different classes danced to one song. Miss K does a good job watching and following along.  I think she was looking at the teacher and following her or she was just looking away from the camera which happens quite often.

Our YMCA was great to allow Miss K to attend the class even though she is older age-wise than the others. This is where she fit developmentally.

She still loves to dance. She will often tell she is dancing. I am hoping that we will be able to find a class for her in the fall. This is such good physical therapy activity for her.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Not Mary

Miss K will often find a towel or napkin and wrap it as a scarf and then will announce that she is Mary.

The other day she did this as we were cleaning up dinner. I said, "Oh, are you Mary?" She replied, "no, Martha." To which her father said, "if you are Martha you should be in here working."


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spring Soccer - "GO YELLOW"

J was playing spring soccer. I have taken Miss K to enough games with me that she has learned how to yell -- she will sit and say "GO YELLOW." The yellow team overall has had a good season.

Usually J plays defense and he really does like that position. He had about three corner kicks and so I was able to get some action shot pictures.

We have enjoyed our township's soccer program.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Land and Water Forms

We school year round with breaks when we need them. In the summer I try to do things that we have not had time to do during the rest of the year and also do some fun things. For fun this year I purchased Winter Promise Sea & Sky. I thought it would be a good "boy" program. We started with the history of shipping and recognized some names that we had heard before -- Amenhotep, the Phoenicians, Alexander the Great and a few others (various points in our timeline).

One of the things that I added in were land and water forms. I found some Montessori cards online and printed them. We reviewed the terms and did our own drawings of these terms.

I was impressed with what both kids did. J had fun drawing this and K did an excellent job. I had to draw a bit of a defining line for the island but she was sticking with the task.

Then to have  a bit of a tactual activity we made some land and water forms.

We used some air dry clay and made some of the land and water forms.

We have the cards and review the terms.

This was a fun activity that we added into our Sea and Sky program.


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