Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Land and Water Forms

We school year round with breaks when we need them. In the summer I try to do things that we have not had time to do during the rest of the year and also do some fun things. For fun this year I purchased Winter Promise Sea & Sky. I thought it would be a good "boy" program. We started with the history of shipping and recognized some names that we had heard before -- Amenhotep, the Phoenicians, Alexander the Great and a few others (various points in our timeline).

One of the things that I added in were land and water forms. I found some Montessori cards online and printed them. We reviewed the terms and did our own drawings of these terms.

I was impressed with what both kids did. J had fun drawing this and K did an excellent job. I had to draw a bit of a defining line for the island but she was sticking with the task.

Then to have  a bit of a tactual activity we made some land and water forms.

We used some air dry clay and made some of the land and water forms.

We have the cards and review the terms.

This was a fun activity that we added into our Sea and Sky program.

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