Sunday, June 24, 2012

The annual beach vacation photos

One annual event of our family vacation is the evening of photos down at the beach. Usually a few weeks before vacation I start thinking about what we will wear so that we at least look like we planned this and also so we look like we coordinate. We decided to do it Monday evening. I told J  that he needed to smile (that is a nice way of saying threatened him that he had better smile and be in a good mood because this is most likely our last year for a few years to get these pictures last year he was not happy and it showed on the pictures).

We went on Monday and got some pictures (J cooperated). After looking at the photos, the talented photographer who is my sister-in-law decided that we should try again another evening when it was not as windy. Miss K wore a different dress because the stripes can do crazy things in the pictures.

Here are some pictures.

I enjoy having a new updated photo of just the two of us. We did our engagement pictures there at the beach so it is fun to update there.

Getting Miss K to look at the camera is a challenge. Getting her to smile at the camera is also a challenge. If you get something close to those, you are happy.

That was the second try.

Some of my favorite pictures are when the kids are just playing.

J was running and running. He did get in the water as well.

With this picture we will be able to remember what year it was. No guessing here we know it was 2012.

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  1. Beautiful pictures friend! Love seeing your annual beach pictures.



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