Sunday, June 24, 2012


Two years ago we signed Miss K up for Dainty Dancers, a beginning ballet class, at the YMCA. At that time she was more interested in the toys in the room and didn't really follow along and dance. This spring she has begun to show some interest in ballet. I bought the Ballet Garden DVD and she enjoyed that. She would often be seen dancing around the living room. I think one of the things that prompted the interest was the fact that some of the girls at CC did ballet for their presentations. We signed her up for another class at the YMCA. Saturday was her favorite day of the week. All week she looked forward to her Saturday class.

Then the other week they had a performance for the last class. Miss K was excited and looking forward to that all week.

First, all the little girls sat up in the front and did their stretching. It doesn't look like she was doing much stretching in that picture.

Then the different classes danced to one song. Miss K does a good job watching and following along.  I think she was looking at the teacher and following her or she was just looking away from the camera which happens quite often.

Our YMCA was great to allow Miss K to attend the class even though she is older age-wise than the others. This is where she fit developmentally.

She still loves to dance. She will often tell she is dancing. I am hoping that we will be able to find a class for her in the fall. This is such good physical therapy activity for her.

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