Sunday, February 5, 2012

Games - Snail's Pace Race

We enjoy playing games at our house. Snail's Pace Race is a Ravensburger that is a favorite around here. It is a simple game and a great first game. It teaches taking turns. Each person takes a turn rolling the dice and then you move the snails according to the colors that were rolled. The snails are the winners.

J likes to play this game with one of the babysitters. Yesterday, he came home from the February Freeze Chess Tournament a bit discouraged after losing three games and only winning one -- the game that he got matched against his good friend. He decided he was dropping chess. I suggested maybe he could find other snail racers and a snail racers club. He is looking for the U. S. Snail Racer Federation. At this point he might just be the charter member.

It is a fun game and one that I think even though we have outgrown it one that we won't be able to get rid of.

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