Wednesday, July 1, 2009

As He Leads is Joy

That was the title of my Great Aunt's book which was her story of being a missionary nurse/midwife in Central America. I have been reading her book again and have been struck again and again how she chose joy. 

I was born on her birthday 55 years after she was born. She was the eldest of my grandfather's sisters and never married. She called me her birthday girl. She died in March at the age of 98. Her life was full of serving others. Some of my early memories of her where of how she cared for my great grandmother. She was also there to care for my grandfather when he had cancer. Even after she stroke she did not stop but learned to use a typewriter and even managed to sew a dress with her left hand for a baby. 

Life is a journey and as I go through this journey I want to have joy and I know that joy will come as I follow God's leading. Come along this journey with me. 

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