Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fire Safety

Fire safety is a topic that is on every evaluator's list of things to make sure that you have taught during the school year. Last year I found some things online and we used that to talk about fire safety and also then had something to put in our portfolio. We had been talking about fire safety but I didn't have anything to include in the portfolio to make it easy to see that we cover the topic of fire safety.

Then I went to vote and our polling station is at the fire house and the firefighters decided it would be a community awareness event regarding fire safety so they put all kinds of brochures out for people. I snatched two of each and we came home and had a good discussion on fire safety. One of the brochures was a fire safety quiz. We took the quiz and our home and our family is safe regarding fire safety.

The kids earned their fire hats as a reward for learning about fire safety.

What do you use to teach fire safety?

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