Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life with Miss K

keeps you busy - we left the 2 remaining donuts in her bedroom and she found them. (We had been hanging out in her room while they were painting).

keeps you wondering - why did she pull everything out of her bedroom? Because she saw the painters come in and put everything in the middle of the living room and she decided her room was next or so we think.

keeps you laughing as she runs down the list of movies she wants to watch -- Arthur at Grandma's, Annie, Cat and mouse (Tom & Jerry), Bears, and a few others.

keeps you praying as she wakes up crying and saying she hurts and needs the doctor (she coughs and says she needs the doctor) and is her little body is shaking. We decided she must have had a bad dream that left her scared. After a few minutes was calm and not shaking.

keeps you smiling - she doesn't miss much and wants to be part of everything.

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