Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sushi - Sweet

I actually planned ahead this year. I had my fun food idea all ready and the supplies purchased. I made sushi for an afternoon snack.

I had seen the idea in Family Fun. I thought the kids would enjoy it. I did wonder if they would be disappointed that it was not real sushi. I found the green fruit roll-up at the discount grocery store the other week and saved it just for this.

I am still working to like coconut so I personally didn't eat any. I can eat coconut in some things. For some reason none of my mother's children eat coconut. My mother does eat it.

Yes, we ate this snack with chopsticks.J said, "that would be a good April Fool's food." Hmm, I guess we didn't review our calendar yesterday. I told him it was April Fool's Day. Then he understood why we had that kind of snack.


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