Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Community Field Trip

My sister-in-law -- I don't have favorites -- planned a field trip and we joined in the fun. Our first stop was the grocery store. Our tour started in the meat department. It was interesting to see how they package the meat.

We went to the warehouse which reminded me of a any other warehouse that I have been in except this one was filled with food instead of baby products.

I think the most interesting part was the tour of the bakery.

With enough icing you can make just about anything. Two cupcakes and icing and you have a dog.

They decorate over 300 cakes a day there.

Chocolate cakes ready to be baked.

That is a big bowl to lick. We did get some cookies for a treat.

The last thing was to check out. With self check-out it isn't as much of a new thing but it was still fun to pull something off the belt and scan it.

Our next community stop was the post office. I have been in a post office when I was a kid. I remember helping my grandmother in the post office. The kids each wrote a letter to themselves and they were able to cancel it and put it in the bin.

We had a picnic lunch and then headed to the fish hatchery. I know that is not part of every community. It was one of those damp, overcast, gray, cold, days and I had not had coffee for longer than 4 hours. We followed the 18 wheeler fish delivery truck down the lane and so we had to wait while they unloaded the delivery. We saw where they store and count the worms that they sell for bait.

We did see a few of the fish and other things before I was at the point of needing coffee and warmth.

It was a fun day and I did go through the drive-thru Starbucks on my way home and have some hot coffee.


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  1. That's a long time to go without coffee for you, my friend. Way to take one for the team, Miss B!



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