Monday, October 3, 2011

Corning Museum of Glass

On our way home we had planned a break by stopping at the Corning Museum of Glass. One of the nice features is that children get in free.

They have a large section of old glass items. We enjoyed reviewing our history timeline and trying to figure out the time of this Egyptian glass piece.

There were also some interesting presentations. We enjoyed the Glass Breaking presentation where they explained the various types of glass and had a demonstration of how they break. A cultural side note was we sat behind a group of Amish people at that presentation.

We then went to a Blow molding presentation which was very interesting and the cultural side note at that presentation was it was translated into Mandarin Chinese for some of the audience. They made a pumpkin which was beautiful. I would love one but I think it would get broken easily.

There were some interesting displays with various things on the history of glass and the use of glass.

We enjoyed wandering and looking around.

I love stained glass windows. I just think they have a beautiful look and meaning. It also reminds me of our church in Hong Kong.

It was worth the stop. I would have enjoyed the gift shop but I really don't need anything. This was at the end of a long weekend of not our own routines.


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