Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sight Word Bingo

I saw a word Bingo game at the used curriculum sale. I thought about buying it but it didn't take me long to decide that I really could make my own and by doing that I could have the words that I want.

Miss K is a very visual learner and she is learning quite a number of sight words. I have started working with the Dolch word list. Right now we are working on the pre-primer list. I used that to make four cards.

I wrote the words on our cards and then wrote the words on slips of paper and we put those in a bowl and take turns pulling a word and reading it. This gives Miss K reading practice. Then she needs to find the word on her card and if it is mama or J's turn to read she has to listen and then find the word. I decided that really gives her lots of practice. The game was a hit. J enjoyed playing it with us and Miss K asked to play the next day.

The other year I bought some mini erasers from Oriental Trading Company. We have insects and zoo animals. They make fun markers for bingo.

We had fun with sight words and so we made a Latin Bingo which has Latin on the board and English translation on the slips of paper.

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