Monday, August 20, 2012

Blackberry Picking

Yesterday we went for blackberry picking. The fun of being in the northwest is you just take a bucket and go look for blackberries. We walked to the park near our house.

Miss K is learning not to pick the red or green ones but to make sure that she is picking the black ones. I think the ones she picks goes to her mouth and not the bucket.

J has learned to pick though we are still working on sticking with it and finishing an area before he floats to the next area.

Daddy wanted to make his favorite thing that he enjoys with the blackberries -- blackberry shakes.


The shakes were yummy. Yes, her face is dirty. I think that was partly picking blackberries and partly eating the shake.



We ate all the ice cream so this morning we had blackberries with our yogurt. We did stop and find more this afternoon on our walk. I will say that the thorns make these a bit harder to pick than blueberries. It seems that the nice big, sweet blackberries are just beyond our reach.

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