Thursday, September 13, 2012


Nothing says Seattle like Pike Place Market. I know there is the Space Needle and a few other things but since we went to Pike Place that is the part of Seattle that I have pictures of.

We got there a bit late but still had a bit of time to enjoy the market.


We got our picture taken with the pig.

My husband is a tea drinker. His favorite tea is Market Spice so it was exciting to him to buy Market Spice tea where it all began.

Maybe someday I will enjoy tea. That might be one of the thing that I will need to do when we move. I enjoyed going to the original Starbucks.

Then we went to our favorite Greek restaurant. We stumbled upon it a few years ago when visiting Seattle and it is on the list of places to go while we are here. On the way, we drove a bit of the route I drove going to grad school here. That meant going through Fremont where it is a toss up of what says Fremont. Is it Vladimir Ilyich Lenin statue.

Maybe it is the troll that lives under the bridge. I think J thought that was a bit scary.

I do have to say that Seattle is a fun place to visit.


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