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Rabbits Rabbits Everywhere - TOS Review

Storybooks about math -- do they really exist? They do and you can learn math reading a story. Recently we were given a copy of Rabbits Rabbits Everywhere A Fibonacci Tale by Ann McCallum.

Math was not one of my strong subjects. I loved reading. So the ability to combine math learning and a story is appealing. Think with me how often we remember the illustration but forget the point of the sermon. We connect with stories so let's connect with a story that teaches math while reading.

Rabbits Rabbits Everywhere A Fibonacci Tale is written by Ann McCallum and illustrated by Gideon Kendall. It is a 32 page color illustrated book.

Long ago the Pied Piper lived in the town of Chee. Chee was famous for the cabbages that grew there. The Pied Piper decides that the people will no longer give the wizard the cabbages each day. Bu in that town lived a girl named Amanda. It is Amanda who finds the first rabbits in Chee, Knot and Fibb.  Every two days the rabbits increase.  As you read the story, you begin to understand the Fibonacci sequence and how Fibb and Knot from Chee teach you all about Fibonacci sequence.

In the Fibonacci sequence or Fibonacci series each number is the sum of the two previous numbers. That is the basic bits about this. I am sure advanced mathematicians would have more to say. The Fibonacci sequence is seen in flowers, in nature, even in our hands.

This was a simple book to read but yet a story to remember. My children both enjoy read aloud so we enjoyed this one day during lunch. It was easy to read in one sitting and at the end we talked about some of the Fibonacci series that we see around us. We did some of the math, adding the numbers and seeing what was next in the sequence. We just enjoyed learning math through reading a story.

Ann McCallum has written a few other books and other TOS Crew members reviewed those books.

Ann McCallum Books Review

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