Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Birthday Gift

Birthdays are important to Miss K. If you say, "July" she will quickly say, "my birthday." She begins counting down for her birthday the day after her birthday. She told someone the other day, "I am almost 12." Almost in another 6 months you will be 12. Well, not only is her birthday important but so are friends' birthdays.

She knew that her friend Ruth turned 15 today and she has been talking about it for a week or so. She wanted to buy a gift for her. I opted for making a gift.

I was sorting through my donate box and saw the yellow sun smile clip and the blue cup. I had bought some Cadbury chocolate packs at Christmas for 89p and we didn't give them all away. I pulled those out, some Hershey's kisses for weight in the bottom of the cup, some curly ribbon, and we were ready to make a gift.

Miss K helped to tape the chocolates to the bamboo skewers. Then we put them in the cup, tied some curly ribbon.

I think the Chomp was a bit shy when I was taking the photo. It kept turning to the back. Getting both the Curlywury and the Chomp facing the same direction was difficult.

Success! All the chocolates are facing the right direction.

A gift for Ruth. We gave it to her mother this morning and she was excited to get it this evening. Her comment was that, "Miss K is a legend."

Something so simple can brighten someone's day.

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