Sunday, October 23, 2016


At the beginning of May Miss K had her big ballet performance. It meant long rehearsals and then a dress rehearsal on Saturday morning, a performance later on Saturday and two performances on Sunday. Miss K did a great job handling the long hours, the ride on the coach, keeping track of her things, and most of all performing on stage.

A friend asked her if she was nervous and Miss K's response was, "no, I am an expert." She has confidence and that confidence helps her through challenging situations.

With that in my mind I have been pondering confidence. For the Christian our confidence comes from God, knowing who God is, what he has done, and what he wants us to do. Confidence comes from knowing Christ.

I can have confidence in my life as I listen to God and know that what I am doing is what God has called me to do that day.  When we lack confidence we can have fear, we might not be doing all that God wants for us.

Live life with the confidence that comes from God.

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