Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dinner Inspiration

It was Thursday and I had no dinner plans. For some reason I didn't plan meals last week. We did manage to eat three meals a day but it wasn't my normally well planned week. Normally I have all day to figure out what we will eat but it was Thursday and that means we go to co-op. If I am the organized homeschool mom on Thursdays, I would have dinner not only planned but cooking in the crockpot before heading to co-op. I was not the organized homeschool mom on Thursday.

We stopped at the bent and dent grocery store on the way home. I told the kids that we needed to find something from for dinner. We walked through the whole store and still didn't know what we were having for dinner. Finally, in the last aisle J said "I could create something with noodles." So we talked. He said he would add some vegetables. We walked to the fresh veggies section which is not very big. I suggested mushrooms but he rejected that which didn't surprise me as that is one of the three things he doesn't like (his mother only allows three things to be on his list of things that he doesn't like). He said "how about some spinach". We decided to have some pasta, tomatoes, spinach, pepperoni, and some cheese.

We went home and started cooking. He did quite a bit of it and I took instructions from him.

It was good and he did write the recipe down for me.

I will post a picture when my computer cooperates.

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