Sunday, January 23, 2011

National Pie Day

Today is National Pie day and so we celebrated by making and eating pie.

We made an apple pie. J liked to help because he got to use the apple peeler. Actually, he said he loved using it.

Then for dinner we had spaghetti pie. I am not a big spaghetti fan but I do like spaghetti pie and after three servings I think Miss K likes it as well.

Spaghetti Pie Recipe

Leftover spaghetti (I didn't have leftover so I cooked a box)

some melted butter

1 egg

some parmesan cheese

Mix that together for the crust put in a pie pan or just a 9 x 13 pan

Then top with cottage cheese or mozzarella or mushrooms (I only put them on one side)

Top with sauce and back for 30 minutes or so.

1 comment:

  1. I KNEW it was national pie day...........Kimberly, our 3rd daughter informs us what *day* it is every day! I did NOT eat a pie or make one. :(



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