Tuesday, February 1, 2011

She is all girl.

There is no question -- she is a girl. The other week she had found my purse and found my lipstick case and was so proud of herself. She used my lipstick -- my favorite Clinque color that you cannot buy in America. I will admit that it was hard to tell her no when she looked so proud and cute. I did tell her no after taking a picture.

She is stubborn. That "no" did really mean much. She found my purse and got out the lipstick again. I didn't take a picture and she did get a bit more of a no. She also got her own lipstick case and lipstick aka chapstick. She is happy.

She did take it with her to the doctor appointment the other day.


  1. Have you tried eBay? :) A favourite lipstick of mine was discontinued but I found someone selling them in batches on eBay.

    C used to call lip balm lipstick even when he used it. He's wised up now. :)

  2. Right now I don't need more. I have a stock and will get some more this summer.



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