Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Farm Show

The Farm Show has been on my list of things to do. I remember going as a child. Maybe that was part of the reason that I wanted to go. It worked in our schedule this year so we went on Friday and took two Chinese students that have in attending the ESL class with us.

We didn't get there until early afternoon. We drove around looking for parking. Miss K read the sign "$10.00" and added her ack -- I guess she thought that was expensive.

We found cows. I had been to the Farm Show Complex in May for a homeschool conference and where the cows were was various vendors. The smell never really comes out of the building.

The kids were excited to not only see a cow but pet one.

On the way we talked about what animals we would see. Miss K said she wanted to see a turkey. We found one.

We took a break and sat down and then realized that we could stay there and see the Hitch and Drive. The kids thought it was a fun show. We didn't have tickets for the rodeo.

Of course, the kids had to sit on the tractors. That is one thing that I remember from the Farm Show as a kid.

Miss K found some hay and she just had to climb up. We told her she had to climb back down.

It was a fun day. I am glad that I told the kids there. I think my husband enjoyed it more than he thought he would. The Chinese students enjoyed it. They said it was not something they had ever done in China. They were able to see the milking competition.

I will have to think of another activity for next month.

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