Monday, January 16, 2012

Legoland Discovery Center

We decided to surprise J and take him there for his birthday. He really was surprised. We got there early (in fact we had to wait for it to open).

One of the first displays was the Chicago skyline. One neat feature was that it was lit and so the lights would dim and then come brighter.


There was a jungle display with various animals made from Legos. That reminded me a bit of the zoo here when they had Lego animals. There was a place where you could help build a Christmas tree or make decorations to put on the tree. We learned how to make a ball out of Legos. I am not sure if we remember but J did make one.

Then there was a ride and a place where they showed you how they make Legos as well as a 4D movie. We spent quite a bit of time building and creating. They had a race track that you could race your creations on. It was quiet that morning and not that many children which made it nice.

I think J enjoyed it but he is probably at the end of the age of enjoying it. He still loves to play with his Legos and build things but I am not sure this would be worth it in another year.

Miss K has some Duplos and sometimes will sit and play with Legos. I figure it is good fine motor skills.

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