Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Miss K and Classical Conversations

We finished our year with Classical Conversations Cycle 3 (Miss K had listened to the CD enough times that she started to add Cycle 3 when she talked about Classical Conversations. When we began the year, my goal for her was to learn the timeline. She did that and was given a special award, Timeline Memory Master. Some of my other thoughts and observations from the year include:

One day she asked me, "How do you spell epithelial?"

Jack was asking what we think of when we think of the Pilgrims. Miss K replied, "Mayflower Compact."

She can probably locate 20 states on the map.

The other day Jack was reviewing the Rivers (West) and could not remember one. Miss K walked past and said "Red" which was correct.

She loved the kids in her class. Everyone is her friend. She talks about all the girls.

I was impressed with how she did following along and sitting for the 9:30 to 12:00 time. There were toys in the room but only 1 week was she distracted (she was next to the toys and no one at her table giving the positive peer pressure). I see this helping her in other areas.

Playing school to her means giving a presentation. We all had to give presentations the other evening and ask questions.

The thing that she really loved was the timeline. Each week in opening some of the kids would go up to help and she wanted to be part of that. One week I heard her crying and it was because she couldn't find me to ask if she could go up. She did it along with the kids.

CC was worth it. I am so glad that we did it for Miss K. She was exposed to lots of new facts and information, she learned quite a bit. Even now she will mention something or want to do the timeline.

Part 1

Part 2

Tonight we were reviewing again and she was still silly. Part way through she does "teapot".


  1. Kylie is getting so big!

    I've heard so many good things about CC and children with special needs. It looks like it has been very good for Kylie! Very exciting!

  2. It was so good for her. I am so glad that we did it.



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