Friday, May 11, 2012

National Garden Day

Today was National Garden Day. Last year we enjoyed a free visit to Longwood Gardens. J has talked about that at various times which tells me that he did enjoy the day. This year Longwood Gardens was not on the list. The Morris Arboretum was on the list. My mom had shown me an article in a local events magazine that described some of the things there so we decided to go. I was thrilled that it wasn't that far away and I didn't have to really go to the city.

The first place that we went was Out on a Limb.

That is an area where you can feel like you are up in the trees. There is a giant bird's nest -- maybe Big Bird moved in.

There were big robin's eggs in there.

We walked quite a bit. Miss K got her exercise for today.

There was a sculpture garden where the kids were climbing and playing.

It was much more trees compared to Longwood Gardens. We did enjoy our time there. There was a children's passport to explore book which the kids did. I like things like that to be able to include in their portfolio.

It was a fun morning and we saved about $30 because it was National Garden Day.

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