Friday, December 11, 2015

British Children's Authors - Dick King-Smith

Recently I decided to read a bit more aloud and go back to the theme of finding British Children's authors and reading some their books. 

Dick King-Smith was not someone that I had heard of or so I thought. We were given Tell me about Dick King-Smith and Animal Stories by a friend.

Dick King-Smith was a farmer and a school teacher and then he wrote children's stories. I enjoyed how his writing came from what he loved, animals. He has written numerous stories. The book Animal Stories has a collection of eight different stories. The characters range from pigs to cats from hedgehogs to mice. I think my favourite story was Fat Lawrence the story of a cat that lives at four different houses and as a result gets fat.

I think his most famous story is The Sheep-Pig which was made into the movie Babe. I did know that movie but didn't know the author of the story.

These were short stories and easy to read and lunch. We all enjoyed them.

I have a few more author's that I have found and we will be reading some of their books together so check back for more classic authors.

Some of the other British Children's Authors that we have read about include:
Michael Bond
Beatrix Potter
A.A. Milne
Graham Oakley
C.S. Lewis
J.R.R. Toilken

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