Wednesday, December 2, 2015

November Review

It is December 2 and I am reflecting on November. That is better than I have done the past few months.

Our hospitality this month was the Thanksgiving Dinner. I decided that if I am making Thanksgiving dinner we should have some friends over to enjoy it. It is not much more work to have others over. I think that was a record of people in our house for a meal -- there were 16 though 1 person was a lap baby. We did manage to have seating for everyone and there was plenty of food.

I had taken J's t-shirt quilt to someone to quilt it and I got that back this month. I then needed to sew the binding on. I have just a few inches of binding left and that project will be finished. Yeah for another finished project. I still have a few unfinished projects but less than the beginning of the year.

I think we have begun to hibernate a bit. We didn't have any outings this month unless you count the dentist as an outing.

I am continuing to try to get rid of things. I think overall I have gotten rid of things this year. As I was scrapbooking, I was looking at my supplies and asking what I was really going to use and if I didn't think I would use it, I got rid of it.

There are some areas that I think have not focused on this month, let's be honest this year -- like knitting. I still want to knit but need to practice.

November was a good month. Now it is on to December, enjoy the advent season, enjoy my family, and finish the year.

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  1. You sound busy. I always have some unfinished projects. Trying to find time for extras is challenging!



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