Saturday, July 23, 2016

Heidleberg, Germany

Normally when we have a conference we have an afternoon of fun and exploring something local to where we are meeting. While we were in Germany we went to Heidelberg Castle and then had about an hour to walk about Heidelberg a bit.

Heidelberg Castle is somewhat of a ruin. There were parts that were just facade and some rooms and places to go through.

Our tour guide was a man from the 1600's. He had quite a bit of knowledge of that time and was also able to predict things that would happen in the future. He was the tutor of Frederick V.

Here is a facade that is remaining.

The view from there shows the town below.

It was a hot day. There were figures in each of the rows -- Greek mythical figures and Biblical figures.

We finished our tour and had some time to walk through the town. This is looking across the river.

We walked to the bridge. I enjoy the history. Often I learn more as I blog and share things that we have seen. This is the Old Bridge and the gate is part of the old city walls.

There is the castle from the river. You can see bits of the ruins.

I am glad that we were able to see a bit of Germany during the conference.

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