Sunday, January 29, 2017

Unfinished Projects - 2017 Edition

About two years ago I realised that I had a number of unfinished sewing projects. I have a stash of fabric and love to start things but for various reasons they don't always get finished. I don't include all the fabric that I have in boxes waiting for the year that I have hours and hours to sew as that would make the list too long.

In 2015 I began the year with 12 unfinished projects. I finished four projects and did begin one new project. I ended the year with less unfinished projects, 8.

In 2016 I began the year with 10 unfinished projects. (Let's not try to figure out how I ended one year with 8 and began the next year with 10. Math was never my strong subject.) I finished 2 projects.

The other week I went through my boxes and found my unfinished projects. I dug around my sewing project box and discovered a few other things there that I didn't know where unfinished, plus one I began in 2016 and didn't finish. Here is the list of unfinished projects.

1. Summer House quilt - This is one that I began in 2015. I began to piece it. One of the things that is causing a pause is trying to decide if I can sashing between the squares or just put the squares next to each other.

2. Snack bags - I had cut these out along with some others that got finished. I didn't finish all of them. I actually finished those one afternoon so that is done.

3. Christmas yo-yos - years ago I began making yo-yos with the idea of making garland. I have a few circles cut out and I am going to turn those into yo-yos and add it to the garland.

4. Sugar bag quilt - yes, this is on the list for a long time. It needs to be finished.

5. Amish spool quilt - years ago I was into making solid colour quilts like the Amish quilts. This is one that I made but never finished. It is pieced just needs to be quilted.

6. Autumn table runner - At this point all that needs to happen is the binding.

7. Prayer Flag quilt - I need to decide what I am going to do with this quilt. It is sewn incorrectly but it is still nice.

8. Jesse tree ornaments - these are tied with the Christmas yo-yos as the oldest project in the bin. Maybe this is the year to finish them.

9. Give Thanks banner - This is one that I like the pattern but I am beginning to think that the reason I have not finished it yet is it is just a bit more work than I want, cutting all the letters. Maybe I will just turn it into a bunting.

10. Le Petit - maybe it is time for a time to the quilt shop not to far away and see if I can find some backing fabric.

11. Alligator gift bag - years ago I cut this out and even found matching ribbon. It is fun fabric and would make a great gift bag. That can easily be done in an afternoon.

12. Zipper pouch - This was a pattern for a zipper pouch in an afternoon and now months later, I have not finished it. I wonder if I know where I got the pattern.

Twelve projects or one a month to finish and I will have all of them finished this year.

Please tell me I am not the only person with a long list of unfinished projects. What projects do you have unfinished?

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