Wednesday, January 4, 2017

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Life goes on even though if you look at my blog it appears that life has stopped or stalled. So this evening it is quiet and I will highlight a few things that have happened the past few weeks.

In November I helped with the Ladies Craft event at church. It was held in both the morning and the evening and was a time for ladies to come and make about 8 different crafts, enjoy some nibbles, and hear a short talk as well as an invitation to come back for Christmas. I am beginning to think about a craft for next year.

After a year ago we began to think about sending Miss K to school. We began the process and really didn't know what would happen. We looked at the local Family Christian school and they accepted her. The weeks up to Christmas she was going there on a part-time basis but beginning tomorrow she will be there full-time. That will be a change for all of us -- getting up early, packing lunch, doing the school run, and being involved with things at school. It seems like a good environment for Miss K. She is in a Y4-Y6 class and already has lots of friends.

There are two days a year that the children are guaranteed that they will get pancakes for breakfast. Maybe a few more if we visit Grandma but the two days that I make pancakes are each of their birthdays. I made a 16 this year. No driving yet as the driving age is 17.

We have lived here almost three years and finally visited Chatsworth which is only about 30 minutes from our house. We went for the Christmas display which was lovely. We didn't wander the gardens as it was cold and windy so we will have to go back.

Those are a few of the things that have kept us busy the past few weeks.

I enjoy blogging and as life is changing (see above with Miss K going to school) I am praying about the direction for my blog. What would you like to read here?

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  1. Chatsworth looks gorgeous! Wow!

    I love reading about what you are up to. :) More details on the craft night? How exciting for Miss K! I'm so glad the school accepted her.

    I need to update my top photo on my blog and you do too. ;)



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