Tuesday, March 21, 2017

3.21 Down Syndrome Day

March 21 is Down Syndrome Day. It is the third month and the 21st day which corresponds with Down Syndrome which is 3 of the 21st chromosome.

Miss K, you are one of a kind. You might have a label but that label doesn't even begin to describe all that you are.

Some days I laugh at the funny things she says or the way she is thinking.

Some days I am frustrated as we work through something.

Some days she is a normal 12 year old.

Some days I see the delays.

Some days she amazes me at the things she has learned and does.

Some days I wonder if she will ever learn.

Everyday she is my daughter. Everyday I love her.

I am reminded of all that God has done in and through her life. God has a plan for her and he is working it out each day.

So today we celebrate God's goodness. We know that God's ways are perfect.

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