Friday, March 10, 2017

February Review

Quick, write the review for February before the month is over. I think I have told myself that the past few days. Here it is the 10th of the month. Okay, we are not half way through March just one-third.

In February (looking back through my planner helps me to remember) I read 9 books. I can't believe I read that many. I think it might be a record. It was a mix of books. As I look at my list, I am not sure that a specific book sticks out as a favourite.

We had company over twice in February. I made beef stew and brownies which was perfect for a cold dark evening. The next time I made a chicken pasta dish and carrot cake. I should keep better records as I had taken carrot cupcakes to a gathering at those friends' house last year. They think the only think I can bake is carrot cake. (Not really.)

Miss K and I spent a weekend together at Mums and Daughters. It was cold but every activity includes hot chocolate. I am glad that I have the opportunity to do something like that with her.

I am able to spend time during the week with my husband and son. We have gone out to eat or out for coffee. I enjoy having that one to one time with them.

In February during half term Miss K went to a bike ride group. She made quite a bit of progress.

I think my total of decluttering items is 339. I am noticing a difference in the bedroom. It takes me just a few minutes and the room is neat and tidy. I love that feeling and so I am working towards that in some other areas. I am on the lookout for things to get rid of.

I am working on creating a weekly checklist and a monthly checklist. This just helps me to be able to look and see what I need to do.

That is a quick wrap up of February.

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