Friday, December 29, 2017

A Fruitful Year - Outline for the Year

I have shared a bit here about A Fruitful Year. I also shared some reasons why you should join in this.
I want to give an outline of the year.

January is a time to prepare. Just like the farmer prepares the fields before sowing the crops. You need to prepare yourself so that you can have a fruitful year. You might be tempted to think that preparation is not needed but it vital.  Also in January you will prepare your goals.

February - October will focus on a different character quality from the fruit of the spirit. There will be passages to read, suggested memory verses, and journaling prompts to help you evaluate where you are and where you want to be. This is a bit like the summer season a time of hard work as the fruit if growing.

November is a time of harvest. It is a time to reap the benefits of the hard work. It is also a time to finish and complete projects and goals for the year.

December is a time of celebration and rest. Just like trees rest in the winter so we also need a time of rest. We can celebrate all that has happened and rest preparing, strengthening our roots and being ready for another year.

Along the way there will be challenges to help you focus, get things done, and just have fun.

I will be posting details for the coming month prior to the first of the month. That will help you to plan.

Are you ready to join?

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