Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A Fruitful Year - Why You Should Join

Goal Setting

Do you feel like you are repeating your goals from one year to the next? You know what I mean -- lose 25 pounds and that has been there for the past five years. A Fruitful Year will help you to make realistic goals which losing 25 pounds probably is a realistic goal and will help you reach that goal.

Do you forget your goals by February 1? It is easy to forget and lose our focus. With monthly reminders and challenges you will be reviewing your goals and continue to focus.

Maybe you keep working on goals but you get discouraged in July and just give up. A Fruitful Year will encourage you to continue going and finishing.

While those are good reasons to join A Fruitful Year, there is an even more important reason to join, you want to grow in your relationship with God. You want to abide in Christ and bear fruit. (John 15:4-5) You want to grow roots deep that will help you weather the hard times of life. A Fruitful Year will give you a focus for the month, journaling prompts, and encouragement related to the monthly focus.

Join me here as we begin A Fruitful Year.


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