Monday, January 1, 2018

January Challenge

As part of A Fruitful Year, most months I will post a challenge of various items that you can challenge yourself to do that month. My plan is that these will be fun, maybe stretch you a bit, and help you think and plan ahead. Keep track of what you do in the month and at the end of the month we will see how many you completed. 

When I think of January, I think of cold and snow. The photo above was taken a few years ago. I want to curl up with a hot drink, a blanket, and a book. That is fine but it is also a time of new beginnings and so some of these are things relating to the new aspect of January. Some of these are just to cheer you up during the cold.

This is for you to enjoy. Don't stress. Just have fun. 

Write your goals for 2018
Review your routines/schedules and have them posted for your reference
Share your goals with an accountability partner
Respond to the journaling questions
Write a letter to yourself to be read at the end of the 2018
Make a list of at least 10 things that you can do in 10 minutes
Put away Christmas items
Declutter at least 10 Christmas items
Clean out the pantry, wipe, inventory
Wipe out the refrigerator
Declutter 50 items
For 7 days keep the sink clean before bed
Make your bed for 30 days
Clean out a closet/wardrobe
Unsubscribe/unfollow 10 emails/groups on FB
Write and mail Thank you notes for Christmas
Buy fresh flowers for your house
Buy fresh flowers to give a friend
Do something creative for at least 30 minutes (you determine what is creative for you)
Go for a walk outside (at least 30 minutes)
Connect with someone that you have not connected with for a long time
Play a board game
Be still for 10 minutes
Try a new recipe
Copy a passage of scripture with at least 8 verses.
Do something new (you define new for yourself)
Track a new habit for 30 days or a habit you need to get back into

So which one do you think will be easy? Do you have one that you think will be difficult?

What would you like to see on February's challenge?

Have fun.


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