Monday, January 8, 2018

Knowing Yourself - Difficult but Necessary

I live with a family that plays chess. The other week I sat and played a game. I know how the pieces move but not much more. As I sat there, I was continually looking at my pieces and the pieces of my opponent. Since it was me playing it wasn’t long and I had lots less pieces than my opponent. I was trying and was considering the strength of the piece and what it could do to help me. I know that it might require a piece to sacrifice so that I could reach the goal. I lost the chess game but hopefully something that I learned in the game will be helpful.

Some of those same truths apply in our lives. We need to be looking at ourselves and knowing our strengths. We need to know the things that are opposing us that will cause us to struggle. What are some of those things that can cause us to not do and be all that God wants.

Some of the opponents that you might be facing in your own life could be:
  • Comparison – I think this is the comparing yourself to others. It could be hearing someone else’s goal and just making it your goal without thinking. It could be hearing someone share how something worked for them and thinking that will be the answer for you as well.

  • Laziness - It is simply not doing what needs to be done. Sitting around. Chilling, vegging, at times that can be good. Rest is needed but laziness is not rest.

  • Distraction – Doing all kinds of things but not doing what needs to be done. It is a bit like laziness. There is action but it is not moving in the towards the goal.

  • Perfectionism – Focusing so much on the perfect outcome that nothing gets done.

As we begin this year, let’s strengthen our offense. 
  • Contentment is knowing yourself, what works for you and being willing to stick with that. This is the opposite of comparison. Know what works in your family relationships. Don’t be swayed by the latest pin that says, “This is the way to manage your laundry”.

  • Diligence is working hard. Do it. Completing the task. Do not allow laziness to take over.

  • Focus on the task. We live in a world that throws distractions at us faster than we can count. It requires disciple to focus. Focus and follow through to the end.

  • Excellence is doing the best that you can with the tools that you have. You might have limitations but take the limitations and do the best that you can.

Take some time at the beginning of the year to search you heart. Ask God to search your heart, to show you what needs to change. He knows you. He loves you. He wants you to grow.

After you have searched your heart, ask God for the help as you strive to abide in him and grow in this area.

What opponents do you face? 


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