Friday, August 5, 2011

Four, three, two, one

Four people, three suitcases, two countries visited (I guess that could be debated but we won't do that here and now), and one love that keeps it all organized. A couple of years ago I discovered Eagle Creek packing cubes. I bought a few then and have slowly been adding to my collection. There they are ready to go in the luggage.

This summer we went to three cities in China and were in a place a night or the most two nights. Everyone's clothing were in packing cubes and I was able to open a cube get the clothing out and not have clothing all over the place. It was easy then to repack to head to the next city. My only dream would be to buy them all at one time and be able to assign everyone a color or maybe to have a spot on the top where I can insert a small card that labels that cube.

Miss K's packing method is much different. She has a suitcase which I found at the thrift store one day and since she was with me, the lady sold it to her for $1.00. She loves to pack that suitcase and at times has packed when she see daddy getting ready to pack for a trip. She puts diapers, clothing, and her toothbrush in it. She also has a backpack that we only use when traveling. Months before our trip she had decided to pack and got the backpack out. That evening we couldn't find her toothbrush and discovered that she had already packed it.

When I was packing, she got her backpack and started to pack. Here is what she put in there some jewelry, a Snoopy book, rat, another backpack, some wooden doll furniture, and a few other things. Mama did repack the backpack. (Sorry it is not the best picture of her. I was trying to get a picture of the things she packed.

This blog was not sponsored by Eagle Creek nor was I paid by Eagle Creek to write this. If they would like to fulfill my dream, that would be wonderful until then I will use the various colors that I have collected and since I buy them closeout they are varied.

The only thing that needs to happy to make my packing better is to find suitcases that will last a bit longer than one trip. Disposable luggage is not something I like buying but seems to be what we have bought.


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