Thursday, August 11, 2011

Heart = Art=Therapy

The other day Miss K kept say "heart, heart". It took me some time to realize that she wanted to do art. I guess she hearts art. I found these and I forget what they are called and decided that it is time to do something with them. Miss K has found the bag a few times and had fun throwing them on the floor which then means she has to pick them up and to get her to do that it means you have to stand with her.

You dip them in a bit of water and then they stick together. I gave her a bowl with a tiny bit of water in the bottom, showed her how to do it and she went to work building towers. She really is a city girl.

As I watched her work on this, I realized that her art was an excellent OT activity. She had to pick up the pieces and then put them together and sometimes they needed to be held a bit to stay together. I love when I find an activity that is fun and has a therapy purpose as well. We have reduced some of the pieces but we still have plenty for another heart=art=therapy.

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