Friday, August 12, 2011

Lego Robotics Camp

We are blessed to be in an area with lots of summer programs. One of the things that we found offered locally was a Lego Robotics Camp. J did it last week and on Friday we went to see a demonstration of some of what they learned.

Since it was using the Mind Transformer Legos he was not able to come home and build these things with his legos.

Here he is ready to set his robot out on a mission.

It was a small group which I think meant that they got lots of experience.

The black lines were the zone where they could do things and once the robot left that area they were not to touch it. They would run various missions like get something, knock the barrels into the front box, etc. As they ran these missions they would have to program what the robot was to do and then also debug if there were problems. While this was lots of fun, he was debugging and learning a skill in a fun project. I don't even know if he realized what he was learning.

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  1. David got to do that at LegoLand and just loved it. Ok, Daddy did too. :)



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