Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Learning to Play Chess

I know the basic chess moves. Personally, I think chess takes to much brain power but other people in my family love chess. I do agree that it is good logic and thinking and so I encourage the kids to learn and play. J has been playing for the past few years and has played in a few tournaments. Miss K doesn't want to be left out of anything. She wants to play as well. Daddy has been patiently teaching her. She knows the names and is learning how they move.


Miss K can set up the board. She has learned to play King and Pawns.

Some of the chess books that we and use are DK CHess for Kids and Usborne First Skills Starting Chess. The Usborne book is the one daddy is following as he teaches Miss K to play.

We need to get her a Hello Kitty shirt to wear when she plays chess. Okay, that is a joke because one of J's friends was beat by a girl wearing a Hello Kitty shirt.

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  1. Plus, she DID live in HKG and Taipei, where it is all things Hello Kitty. It's only fitting.



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