Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mount Rushmore

Driving back from the west coast we needed something to do along the way to make it fun. We realized that we weren't that far from Mount Rushmore and when else would we  go to South Dakota.


It was a beautiful clear day and not too cold either. Since it was October, the parking lot was empty and there weren't many people there. I can't imagine what it would be like in the summer when it is crowded.


We walked around. The visitor center has a very good display on how this was made. The children both did the Jr. Ranger Program. Miss K filled out the book and then walked over there herself and got her badge.


We saw the mountain goat. He just wandered by the visitor center. The one park ranger said that he stays on that side of the mountain as it is safer.


I am glad we stopped and saw this part of America. It is fun for the kids to see things with Mount Rushmore now and recognize it as a place that they have been. It also was fitting with our American history from last year. They knew bits about each of the presidents. They will still sing the songs from CC last year.


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