Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve

Our plans were to stay home and so I tried to make it fun evening for us at home. I dug deep into the cabinet under the sink (it is one of those cabinets that goes all the way back) and found the fondue pot that we received for a wedding present. Then I searched online for a simple fondue recipe. I bought all kinds of things to dip -- steak, ham (I didn't buy that I had some of the leftover Christmas ham), little red potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, and of course bread. Next time I can skip the mushrooms. Everyone agreed that the bread was the best but for the balanced meal we needed some of the other things.


After dinner we played some games. J had gotten Jenga for Christmas. He tried to play with Miss K and the first time she pulled one out it toppled so he taught her to play. He did a great job teaching her. She knew what to do, look for the one that could gently be pushed out.DSC_0689

I was impressed with the Jenga skills that we have in our family.  DSC_0691

I think we counted about 27 blocks high and then it toppled but it was getting to the point that it was harder and harder. DSC_0701

Then we played Qwirkle. We have played a few times with Miss K playing with someone else but last night she wanted to play "by self". She did a great job only a few times did we have to tell her that she couldn't put her pieces where she wanted. It is fun to see her develop and learn. Qwirkle is a great game as we can play and have the strategy while Miss K can join and have fun learning. I will say that she has quite a bit of drive to do things herself and that really does help her develop.


We played Cadoo which is one that I bought at a thrift store while we were in Seattle.

It was a fun family evening saying good-bye to 2012 and welcoming 2013 and all the changes and transitions that this year has for us.

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