Monday, March 4, 2013

Grand Canyon at Sunrise

We did it. We got up early and went to the Grand Canyon for sunrise. I think I am still amazed that we did it. We got to Mather Point as the sun was beginning to break through the horizon.


We were thankful that we were here in March as the sunrise was at 6:56 and not in June when the sunrise is at 5:13.


It was cold early in the morning. We were at the South Rim which is about 6000 feet elevation. I don't think we really thought about how cold it would be there.


The view really is amazing. I don't know that photos will really show the view. We stood in awe of God's creation, the beauty and majesty.


As the sun rose, we were able to see the changes in the canyon. The shadows moved and the colors were bright.

DSC_0742Then we went back to our hotel to get breakfast and we went back to the Grand Canyon. I am glad that we got up early and saw the Grand Canyon at sunrise.

This is part of our drive across the US via the southern route this time.


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