Monday, March 25, 2013

Traveling West

This is just a wrap up of our trip west. I have posted some about Memphis, the Grand Canyon, and San Francisco. This is just a general post about traveling west. This was our third trip across the US in about 7 months. That does not make me an expert in traveling by rather a bit crazy. At times I can't believe that we did.


We were not as organized in our packing and planning. I think all the organization when into getting our house packed which meant sorting things to ship and putting things in storage. We got that finished on Saturday and then left on the trip on Tuesday morning. We went south and then west. That was to avoid possible winter weather and also to visit some family and friends along the way. This trip took us through 14 states.


We did plan two sightseeing and rest days along the way. One in Memphis where we were able to spend time with my brother and his family. We went to the Children's museum and ate some Memphis BBQ at Central BBQ.


Miss K the dentist. She loved the museum and loved even more playing with her cousin.


An afternoon with some wonderful friends, a morning at the Grand Canyon, and a day in San Francisco. Jack was enjoying the organ and we were remembering so many good times, classes we taught, students we knew, restaurants we ate at with our friends from Taiwan.


We didn't plan that many activities for the car. Thankfully, grandma sent a bag full of treat bags with instructions like "open when you get to Virginia." That gave the kids some new activities and things to look forward to.


We did also have some unplanned interesting stops -- We stopped at the Hoover Dam just enough to drive across it and go back and forth in the time zones.

We did drive through Las Vegas just to see it. I tried to take some pictures from the car as we were driving down the strip.

We saw the neon Motel 6 and neon McDonald's.


Some things don't always go as planned. When they say that there can be snow at Yosemite in March. They really do mean that. We had planned to go there for a day but got snowed out. I think that was the most snow that we have seen this winter.


I think by the time we got here we were tired of fast food and were ready to unpack and stay. We are here to stay until the beginning of July. Then to Asia for about a month and then to Europe. We are in transition.

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