Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kitchen Chemistry

One of the fun things about homeschooling is the community. A large part of the community is sharing. Someone shared a link to a Kitchen Chemistry course and I thought why not. We are studying chemistry so let's try it. This is from a university in England and is about six weeks long.

The first experiment was about density using hot and cold water. The hot water is colored. When we place the hot water on top of the cold water there is no movement. Here he is putting the cold water on top of the hot water and we found that the hot water rises into the cold water. It was very cool and a new experiment for him to do.

We needed CD's to use to flip the water glasses. I dug a few CD's out of the bags ready for the thrift store so he could do the experiment.

The next thing that he did was make a hot air balloon using a plastic bag and the toaster.

He put the bag on and then we sat and watched. "Is it moving. I think it might be." And then look at it go.

There was one more experiment which involved burning an empty tea bag. When it burned we were able to see the heat cause the ash to rise.

I have to say that these were easy to do, worked, taught something, and don't talk all morning . My son thinks I don't like science because in his mind science is about experiments. I don't like experiments that take forever, don't work, and make a big mess.

This was fun, we learned something and we are looking forward to next week's lesson.

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  1. I can't believe you are still blogging. :)
    I'm glad you found some experiments that work and weren't messy. :)



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