Saturday, April 12, 2014

Week in Review - April 11, 2014 - Our visas came

He was a bit scared when he saw the package as the package he sent was thick. The only thing they returned were our passports and original birth certificates and marriage certificate.

Last Friday we ended the week with a phone call to the visa expediter who stated our visa was not finished and the consulate doesn't issue visas on Monday. Okay, that meant my husband couldn't fly on Tuesday so he changed his flight to Thursday so he would arrive for his meetings on Sunday. Since the airline we are flying only flies on Tuesday and Thursday he needed to be able to go on Thursday. Monday afternoon my husband sat down to check email and called me to look at four emails he received. We received emails from the Consulate stating our visas had been issued. The expediter picked up the visas on Tuesday and then my stalking tracking the envelope across the country began. I am very thankful for overnight delivery even when we are on the other side of the country.  We received our visas just in time for my husband's flight. God is faithful and we trust that after all the waiting that this is his timing for us to go.

Bob won 1st Place at the Dr. Seuss inspired art. This was a project that he had done in the art classes. The store where the classes was held had their 1st Youth Art Contest and asked the customers to vote.

His artwork is the upper left corner. He received a box with art supplies as well as $15 gift certificate. I love buying good art supplies for the kids.

Schooling - well that happened in bits and pieces this week between a few meetings we had, tracking Fedex, and trying to pack. Our books are in the suitcase so we are pulling out what we need.

I posted my review of Star Chronicles. We have enjoyed that study and still have a few more constellations to study.

We are reading through the library books. I will miss the library as we have used that quite a bit here.

We had our last piano lesson here. Praying that we will find a new teacher as well as a new flute teacher.

We did a bit of our Greek Myths. We did a bit of math. Maybe we will just call this spring break.

Not sure how much school will be done next week. We are doing our lasts and packing.

Next week we will be in the UK.

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  1. Yippee! And congratulations to Master J! His artwork is fantastic. Love the story of God's faithfulness, too, Beth. I will pray for the right home to come quickly, and a wonderful library and art and music classes. Praying that right now, friend.

  2. Hope that the move goes smoothly. Once you've settled in, if you fancy a day out in Stockport or Manchester, let me know!

    1. We will plan on that. We have team in that area so I am sure we will connect.

    2. What organisation/church do you work for?

  3. Beth, that is really soon. This is a lovely time of year to arrive. Let me know if you visit London.

  4. I have been following your blog with interest and have been nearly as anxious about the visas as you, well not really. I am so glad that you have received them and that you have been continuing to blog about the faithfulness of God and His perfect timing.

    Myra, from Winnipeg, Canada, where we got an extra blast of snow yesterday and the temps are back down to minus 6C.

  5. Next week! Wow! Are you excited now it is so close? I hope you have an easy and swift flight without any delays. God speed, Beth!

  6. So glad you got your visas! Now 'all' you have to do is get there! May God bless your travels and give you many peaceful moments in the midst of everything.



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