Monday, April 7, 2014

Piano Lessons and Special Needs

Miss K began piano lessons about a year ago. She wants to be like her older brother and since he was taking piano lessons she wanted to do that. The piano teacher was willing to give her a short lesson and so we began.

When she began playing her fingers did not move independently. Getting one finger to play a note and then another was tough. She has short stubby fingers and that makes it hard as well.

The first songs that she learned to play were Hot Cross Buns and Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater. Then she moved to some other pieces, The Pony Tune, Four Furry Kittens, Jingle Bells, and Mary Had a Little Lamb. Those pieces were learned by listening, playing and signing along. She does know when she hits the wrong note. Now she is beginning to work on songs from a book and has learned Firefly.

She is not yet reading music but that will come but that will come. She sings along as she plays to know what to play.

Learning to play the piano has been very good for her in so many ways. I see how her fine motor has improved as well as independent finger motion. I believe that learning to play an instrument helps the brain. We are thankful that we found a teacher here that was willing to work with her.

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